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The Ultimate Guide For Budget Home Defense Firearms
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Economy Crashing? Guns are a better investment than Gold!
If things get really bad, guns can be traded for food and gasoline. Don't forget to stock up on ammo too! When is a crime flash mob coming to your neighborhood?

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The term "house gun" is used for low cost weapons for home defense. Don't spend too much money for your home security guns. If you ever fire your weapon at a bad guy or hold a burglar at gunpoint for the cops, there is a chance all of the firearms in your house will be confiscated. For this reason, it is best to not spend too much money. The focus of this website is low cost firearms for home defense.
Inflated store prices will come back down when the feeding frenzy is over!
home invasion

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Don't Become A Victim
Home invasion can be very bad. Home invaders normally run in packs of two to four people. They may be buzzed on meth or heroin and can be very violent. They may be looking for valuables or drugs. Even worst, is they could be looking for fun and have their sick way with you and your family members. Rape and torture is a sport for many thugs.
family self defense
What are you going to use to defend yourself? A knife or baseball bat? Most likely one or all of the home invaders will be packing a pistol. A baseball bat or knife will do you no good in a gunfight.
Having a high capacity pistol or revolver will put you on a even playing field with the criminals. Having a pump shotgun or rifle is even better, and could give you the upper hand.

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College Student Saves Lives
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The Right To Protect Your Family
The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives us the right to keep and bear arms. There is also a God given right to protect ourselves and our family from evil. Some cities have twisted the law and banned handguns. Even if handguns are banned, rifles and shotguns may still be allowed.
If you live in a socialist community where all guns are banned, my advice to you is to move. If moving is not an option, antique guns and black powder weapons may still be allowed. Black powder weapons were leathal in the U.S Civil War. A good black powder 44 revolver is as potent as the 38 Special! (I have seen The Outlaw Josey Wales movie 6 times!)
guns saves lives

The Four Gun Battery
The editors in the gun magazines have talked about the importance of the three gun battery for home defense. This would include the handgun, rifle, and shotgun. Every person in your home over 12 years old should know how to shoot all three. This is fine and dandy, but you really need a four gun battery.
Add the semi-automatic 22 rifle as the 4th. If things go to hell in a hand basket, the 22 rifle will be the food getter. The 22LR is excellent for small game hunting, plus ammo is cheap and easy to find. The 22 semi-auto rifle will also work for home defense in a pinch.

Why America Stays Free
Here in the USA we have the best army in the world, but sometimes it is stretched thin from conflicts around the globe.
The main reason we will never be invaded is our quiet civilian army. We are talking about 120 million gun owners in America with 270 million firearms. Over 15 million have a hunting license. This is 15 million hunters that know how to shoot and handle a high powered rifle or shotgun. 15 million hunters that know how to stalk, find a target, and kill. They also have camping gear and 4x4 trucks!
Take the state of Michigan for example. There are 700,000 hunters in Michigan. This would make Michigan hunters the 6th largest army in the world; bigger than France and the United Kingdom combined!
deer hunting

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