Low Cost Carry & Self Defense Insurance

This could really save your hide when deadly force is required!
"If you have guns for home protection, or concealed carry...you must have this!"
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More CCW Insurance For Self Defense

Gun Digest has teamed up with the Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network to bring you very affordable prices for Self Defense Insurance. Both are brands you can trust. The benefit of signing up through Gun Digest is; a free book plus several DVDs are included. Cool. Check out the deal here.

The thing with CCW insurance, you never know when you are going to need it. Some insurance you can live without and everything is just fine and dandy. Why self defense CCW insurance? If you have to use your gun in a defense situation, there is a chance you will be charged with murder if the evidence is not clear cut. A jury could decide if you get to go home with your family or spend the rest of your life in prison. Money for a good lawyer could save your life!

Note: They cover attorney fees in most civil cases too!

Cheap CCW Insurance Concealed Carry Self Defense Insurance

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Cheap Concealed Carry Insurance

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