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Gander Mountain

Semi-Auto Rifles For Home Defense

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The semi-auto rifle may not be the best weapon for home defense, but it may be the best for defending your land and property. If you live in Arizona or Texas along the Mexican border, you know what I am talking about. With a good semi-auto rifle, you will be armed as well as the best foot soldier. The semiauto rifle is good at keeping gangs and villans at a distance a shotgun or pistol can't reach.
The only drawback to a semi-auto assault rifle is they are expensive. set the price limit at $750. Choose your caliber wisely. Use only easy to find and inexpensive ammunition. Use only HP or SP bullets. If you buy FMJ military ammo, use it for practice only.

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  Auto Ordnance M1 30 Carbine: $680-$720 from a dealer
With the 30 Carbine, you get light recoil but much better performance than a pistol cartridge in a rifle. The M1 30 carbine proved very effective by the Marines in WWII. It excelled in the jungels of the pacific much better than the 45 ACP (Tommy Gun) carbine. Auto Ordnance is now producing this proven shooter. Pictured is the AOM160 with folding poly stock. The AOM130 version features a full walnut stock. It has an 18 inch barrel and weighs under 6 pounds with either stock. 10 or 15 round magazine. Made in Kahr's manufacturing plant in Worcester, MA.
Auto Ordnance 30 Carbine page.
  Bushmaster Carbon 15: $690-$720 from a dealer
The Bushmaster C15 M4 Type Carbines are a unique hybridization of traditional AR-15 type features with space-age Carbon 15 composite molded receivers. Carbon is 40% stronger and 40% lighter than comparable aircraft aluminum receivers. The Bushmaster Carbon 15 is chambered for 5.56mm NATO (.223 Rem, 5.56x45) with barrels chrome lined for long wear and ease of maintenance. Light weight of 5.8 pounds with 16 inch barrel. Accepts M16 magazines.
Bushmaster Carbon 15 Page
  Century Arms WASR (AK 47): $440-$470 from a dealer
The AK47 type rifles are popular in eastern europe and the middle east. They are not known as the most accurate, but they do always fire even when covered with mud or sand. The Century Arms WASR is chambered in 7.62x39 or .223 Remington with 16.25 inch barrel. 30 round capacity magazine! Many different stock configurations available.
Century Firearms
  Century Arms CETME: $500-$530 from a dealer
Have you always dreamed of owning a HK91 or SAR-8, but you didn't have $2,000 cash to spare? Here is the deal folks. You can get a nice HK91 clone for less than $600! This is the one of the most powerful rifles on this page and fires the easy to find 308 Winchester (7.62 NATO) cartridge. You know, the 308 Winchester works great for deer too! The CETME features 16.5 inch barrel, and weights 9.3 lbs. These are remanufactured with new barrels, stocks, and finish, done right here in the USA. You would swear they are brand new. One year warranty.
Shooting CETME Video

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  Century Arms C15A1 M16 Type: $630-$680 from a dealer
All the reviews say the Century AR15 is excellent! Caliber: 5.56mm NATO (.223), Capacity: 30, 1:9 Twist 20 Inch Barrel, Semi-auto rifle Based on the M16A1, Features the triangular Vietnam era style handguards with short and long range peep sights, Weight: 8.6 pounds, Includes 2 original Colt 30-round magazines, OAL: 39.5 inches
Century AR15 Test

  Del-Ton DT Sport M4: $660-$690 from a dealer
Del-Ton is one of the best quality AR-15 builds for the money. The DT Sport has a 16" light weight barrel with 1x9 twist, 6 position M4 stock, CAR handguards with single heat shields, and A2 flash hider. The DT Sport comes with 1x 30rd magazine. Their AR-15 kits that include everything except for the stripped lower receiver for $470 is a steal too! You can get Mil-spec quality lower receivers from Palmetto and Spikes for under $90! There are a few other Del-Ton models than come in at under $750 worth checking out.
Del-Ton Website
  DPMS Panther Sportical: $620-$650 from a dealer
DPMS is a very well known law enforcement and military supplier of AR type assault rifles. The DPMS Panther Sportical features forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy recievers with hard coat anodized per Mil Spec. No sights are included, but top receiver is ready for scope or optical sight mounting. 16 inch 4140 chrome-moly steel barrel with A2 flash hider. Available in .223 caliber. Only 6.3 pounds empty. Also see the full featured Panther Lite series that cost about $50 more.
DPMS Firearms

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  EAA Zastava PAP: $370-$400 from a dealer
Zastava builds some of the best firearms in the world. Zastava has been in business 90 years longer than Glock! I have experience with their pistols and the quality is first rate. I would bet the Zastava is the highest quality and most overbuilt AK47 you can get. The Zastava PAP is no doubt the most modern AK47 type rifle on the market. Zastava P.A.P. Semi Automatic Rifle features 7.62x39mm chamber, 16.34 inch Barrel, 10 Round mag, and Black Polymer Thumbhole Stock With Black Finish. Good price!
Shooting Zastava PAP Video

  Kel-Tec SU-16A: $490-$520 from a dealer
At only 5 pounds empty, The Kel-Tec would get my vote as the best rifle to carry around all day. You can fold it up for storage too. The SU-16 takes M-16 magazines and has a integrated Picatinny rail so you can add a scope. The forend folds down to form a bipod. The stock can store spare magazines. The SU-16 utilizes the proven M-16 breech locking system in 223 Remington (5.56mm NATO). 18.4 inch barrel plus 10 or 20 round magazine included. Made in USA with lifetime warranty.
Kel-Tec SU-16 Review
  Mossberg MMR Hunter: $700-$740 from a dealer
The Mossberg is a very well built AR-15 and is getting great reviews. The MMR Hunter does not include sights, but since it is an AR-15 you can add all the accessories you want. The Mossberg MMR Hunter has a 20 inch barrel and Black Synthetic anodized aluminum forend. There is also a Tactical version with 16.5 inch barrel for you M4 carbine fans. Prices should come down when the feeding frenzy slows.
Mossberg Hunter Page
  Olympic Arms Plinker Plus: $640-$670 from a dealer
The Plinker Plus is the bargain basement Olympic Arms AR15 semi-auto, but the quality is the same as the $1,200 rifles. 7075 T6 Aluminum Forged Receivers Machined By Olympic Arms. Plinker Plus features 16 inch button rifled 4140 chromemoly steel barrel with long lasting non-chromed bore. The Plinker Plus has A2 trapdoor stock and flash suppressor. Weighs 7.37 pounds. Also available with 20 inch barrel (pictured).
Olympic Arms Site
  Palmetto State Armory M4 Carbine: $680-$720 from a dealer
Watch for the deals. Last summer this PSA rifle was on sale for $599! Don't pay attention to the price as the Palmetto State Armory M4 Premium Carbine is top shelf stuff! Many compare the quality to the Colt LE! Chrome Moly Vanadium Chrome lined barrel with 1:7 twist. Forged upper and lower receivers and quality furniture. You can spend $400 more and not get a better shooter! The biggest problem is it is hard to find PSA rifles in stock anywhere as they sell out fast.
Palmetto State Armory Site

  RAA Siaga: $500-$530 from a dealer
If you want an AK47 rifle made in the original Russian factory, the Siaga is it. You get the same millitary spec quality that has armed over one million soldiers. Of course the ones you can buy are not full auto. The polymer sporter stock is a nice upgrade too. The Siaga is chambered for 7.62x39, or .223 Remington. Choice of 16.3 or 20.4 inch barrels. Weighs 8.4 pounds. You can also get the RIA Siaga in a beefy .308 Winchester version.
Russian American Armory Rifles
  Remington 750: $630-$730 from a dealer
If deer hunting is on the agenda, the Remington Model 750 makes a lot of sense. It can also double as an excellent home protector. The Remington 750 is chambered for the 243 Win, 308 Win, 270 Win, and 30-06. You know this rifle will really reach way out there! The Model 750 is available in 22 inch barrel sporter and 18.5 inch barrel carbine. The magazine hold 4 rounds, but 10 round aftermarket mags are available. The synthetic stock models are at the low end of the price point. These guns are built tight and don't starting feeding good until you get 100 rounds down the throat. Drilled and tapped for scope mounts.
Remington site
  Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle: $640-$670 from a dealer
The Mini-14 has a reputation as the most reliable autoloader ever made. The M1 type action is strong as you can get. The Mini-14 comes in 223 caliber, with 18.5 inch barrel, and a choice of hardwood or synthetic stock. 6 round capacity and weighs less than 7 pounds. There is also a Mini-30 version chambered for the 7.62x39 cartridge. High capacity magazines and accessories galore! 30 round mags, poly stocks, folding stocks, you name it and someone makes it for the Ruger Mini 14.
Ruger Firearms
  Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport: $630-$660 from a dealer
The fit, finish, and quality of the M&P 15 compares to $1200 rifles. The S&W uses all brand new parts too. You are not getting a warehouse rebuild and just paying for a fancy paint job. S&W has been selling the M&P15 faster than they can make them. If you want one, you may need to place your order and wait a few weeks. Awesome .223 caliber assault sporting rifle! By the time you read this there should tons of accessories available. 16" barrel and light 6.5lb weight. 10 or 30 round magazines.
S&W M&P 15 Sport

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